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photoblog image Eyes
First off-Really sorry bout not being able take part in todays theme...Didn't know what to shoot!!! Good luck to the rest of you..I did try...

Right then, about this shot..took it awhile ago, was struggling to find something to post today until i found this hiding in the archives...The colours were shyte, so i had to tone them down and get this dull grey look-which i quite like...Got the eyes to stand out a bit more...

It's all in the eyes...

Sorry again bout the theme...

Thanks for stopping by :)

timmybomb 4 Aug 2006, 05:12
I'd rather see a good picture that doesn't fit the theme than a crappy picture that does. This is a good picture. I really like the grey. The depth of field is really good except for the cats nose. The green background works really well too. My only complaint about this shot is the different shade of fur at the very top of the photo between the cat's ears.
Yanik Tissera: Hey timmy, yeah that purple bit at the top erally pissed me off...i spent ages on it last night trying to clone it out, never really looked right...there was the same purple effect on the nose, which i managed to tone down a slight bit-explains the shyte DoF u spoke of..its cause a lot of cloning was done there...THanks for stopping by as always..grin

The Maven from United Kingdom 4 Aug 2006, 08:50
Aw... it's disgustingly sweet. I like the shallow DOF you used - it draws the viewer right to the eyes.
Yanik Tissera: Im glad it worked..Wanted the focus to be on the eyes..grin Thanks for stopping by..

chunter 4 Aug 2006, 09:00
I quite like this as a cat portrait. I don't need to see the rest of it. The eyes, quite rightly in sharpest focus, are a lovely colour, which is matched by the background. The green and grey work nicelytogether.

Isn't it great when animals co-operate?
Yanik Tissera: Thanks colin...its colin right?? Yeah its great when they co-operate..this guy looked directly into my lense a couple times..Im glad you liked the green against grey...thought i would get alot of sh*t about it..

Yanik Tissera from Sri Lanka 4 Aug 2006, 09:50
Thanks colin...its colin right?? grin Yeah its great when they co-operate..this guy looked directly into my lense a couple times..Im glad you liked the green against grey...thought i would get alot of sh*t about it..

chantal from Netherlands 4 Aug 2006, 10:40
I love cats!! Great portrait.

Have a great weekend!
Yanik Tissera: Cheers, you too chantal

Frank 4 Aug 2006, 12:38
I like the short focus in this shot.
Yanik Tissera: Glad you like it Frank...grin

Steve from United Kingdom 4 Aug 2006, 15:44
Great clarity in the eyes and whiskers. Don't think it matters that the nose is soft.
Yanik Tissera: Cheers Steve...yeah hoped ppl would forget bout the nose..grin

sk from United States 4 Aug 2006, 16:08
as Duane said, disgustingly sweet, very nice capture
Yanik Tissera: Ahhh, this feels good..to have one of the best like it!!!

deji77 from United Kingdom 4 Aug 2006, 18:15
Such sad looking eyes...I think it a lovely shot.
Yanik Tissera: grin sweet deji..thats the way i like it...

micki 4 Aug 2006, 19:59
Beautiful! I'd better not allow my girls to see this shot, or they'll be bugging me for a kitten again!
Yanik Tissera: Ahhh just get them a kitten and show them the pic then wink Thanks for stopping by..

Suby from MK, United Kingdom 4 Aug 2006, 21:53
Dang, stonking 9.5/10. Those eyes, just invite you in smile

Yanik Tissera: Truly honered suby..thanks so much!!!

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MrC 9 Aug 2006, 13:30
real real nice wink

must fill in
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